We are going to Croatia once again. This time for 2 weeks to Makarska. The route to Croatia is the same as last year, but this time we want to drive through the city center instead of the Budapest ring road. It was supposed to be faster, but we got lost again (a year ago on the ring road) and we lost almost 2 hours to get to the M7 motorway leading to the border with Croatia.

Signage in Hungary is so strange and confusing that it is almost impossible not to get lost there. In addition, in this country, probably no one speaks English 🙂 Even at a basic level, so it’s hard to get help in case of loss. Ok, let’s leave this unfortunate Budapest and continue along the straight road to the Croatian border in Letenye. After passing it, an unpleasant surprise awaits us in the vicinity of Zagreb. Big traffic jam which delayed our trip by at least 2 hours. After a hard 19 hours, we finally reach our destination.

Makarska is a picturesque tourist town. Beautiful landscapes are a characteristic feature of Makarska as well as the entire Makarska Riviera. Just look at the photosicon smile Holidays in Makarska (Croatia). There are many different beaches in Makarska, but most of them are incredibly crowded (especially the main one, the largest one) and finding a piece of free space is very difficult. We usually chose 2 located a bit off the beaten track, but there were always free places on them and in my opinion definitely more atmospheric than the main ones.

The beaches are mostly pebble and only a few, especially the smaller ones, are rocky. For people who like to spend their holidays actively, I recommend going to the top of Sv. Jure (1762 m) and Vosac (1422 m) of the Biokovo mountain massif. How to get there? You can drive by car; however, it should be taken into account that the road for most of the route is steep, winding and narrow enough that 2 cars will not pass by each other.

Of course, there are wider places where you can pass each other, but they are often several hundred meters apart, so it may happen that someone will have to go back a really long way, as I mentioned on a narrow, steep and winding road.

We decided to rent scooters for the whole day for 200 Kuna, which is something over PLN 100, and get to the mentioned peaks on them. These peaks are located in the national park and entering it you need to buy an entrance ticket for 40 Kuna.

I don’t remember exactly how long it took us to reach the top of Sv. Jure, but it was about 60 minutes. At the top there is a small parking lot for up to a dozen cars and a broadcasting station. The views are breathtaking and it was really worth going there.

On the way back a few kilometers down there is a short descent from the road leading to the Vosac peak. In fact, it leads to a small parking lot from which you need to walk for about 20 minutes to the top, which also offers beautiful views and, unlike Sv. Jure, you can see the whole of Makarska from there.

You can also take advantage of other attractions, e.g.

1. Jet ski (200 Kuna for 15 minutes)

2. Renting a boat (4.5 HP without a license) – we, 4 adults and 2 children, rented a whole day for 500 Kuna + 75 Kuna for fuel

3. Parasailing, i.e., a parachute towed behind a motorboat (we in 2 people negotiated 400 Kuna for 400m) and many others, e.g., water skis, bananas, wheels, etc.

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