How to Get From Girona Airport to Barcelona

Girona Costa Brava is a small airport in Catalonia, Spain, that is easily connected to Barcelona, Costa Brava and other famous cities around it such as Girona and Figueres.

If you are going to Barcelona you can get some great deals by flying into Girona Airport. Be aware that some airline websites, such as Ryanair, have this airport listed as Girona (Barcelona). Although Girona airport is fairly small, it’s actually quite well connected to the rest of Europe. The main two airlines operating here are Ryanair and Wizz air.

The prices are very good and sometimes you can fly into Italy or London for under £20!

If you are arriving at Girona Costa Brava airport (called like this due to its proximity to Costa Brava) here is a quick guide on how to get to Barcelona:

How to Get from Girona Airport to Barcelona (4 options):

1. Option – Own Transport

If you are in your own car or have rented one (you can rent at the airport), just put on your GPS, take the AP-7 and you are in Barcelona in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

2. Option – Taxi

You can get from Girona Airpot to Barcelona via taxi, but is a very costy option for one way. It costs approximately  $120 euros and the journey takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.

If this option best suits your needs you can always find a place at the airport to call a taxi for you, or grab a taxi from in front of the airport. Remember to also agree with the driver beforehand the cost.

3. Option – Bus

One of the easiest and cost effective ways to get to Barcelona from Girona airport in one straight journey is via bus.

As you come out of the arrivals side of the airport, turn right and you will see the bus station. You can catch the bus named ‘Barcelona Bus’ to  Barcelona. It takes you to Barcelona Estació del Nord. The journey takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes but traffic could make it longer. A one way ticket costs about 16 euros and a return 25 euros.

4. Option – Bus + Train

We always take this option as I am not particularly a big fan of long bus journeys. It’s very straight forward but you have to change twice.

First you catch a bus from Girona airport to the centre of Girona, from the bus station near Girona Airport (come out of the arrivals terminal and turn right).  A single ticket costs approximately 2,75 euros and the bus will get you to Girona bus station in 20-30 minutes. The station is right in front of the train station.

If you have time you can go for a walk into Girona. Otherwise just walk into the station and catch a train to Barcelona.

You can get direct trains to Barcelona from Girona station. There you can stop at the main Barcelona station – Barcelona Sants, or any other station near to where you live or you want to visit.

Ticket prices and the journey duration will vary depending on the type of train you use. There are 3 main trains that go to Barcelona from Girona train station: Regional, Media Distancia and Avant/Ave.

The regional is a slow train (often dirty and uncomfy) that takes you into Barcelona in approximately 1 hour and 16 minutes and costs around 8.40 euros.

Media Distancia is a faster train that gets you from Girona to Barcelona in 1 hour and 9 minutes. and is also bigger and more comfortable. Most sits have a table in the middle and sockets. The media distancia ticket from Girona to Barcelona is approximately 11.24 euros.

Avant and Ave are new fast speed trains that will get you to Barcelona in about 30 minutes, but prices vary between 16 euros and 50 euros. The trains are lovely, the comfort and style could remind you of a cruise ship.

Have a safe journey from Girona airport to Barcelona!

If you are looking to explore the surroundings of Barcelona, check out our Travel Like a Local in Figueres, Catalonia guide. This beautiful town is only 1-2 hours away from Barcelona (depending on what transport you use),is also bordering France and is located only minutes away from Costa Brava,

The book also includes a detailed transport guide to the Catalan trains, a Spanish & Catalan language guide and lots of tips that will make your stay in Spain an enjoyable and local experience.

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