Vacation On the West Coast of the USA

The USA has a lot of cities, regions, and places that you have to visit once. On the east coast, New York, Florida, or the associated Everglades with Key West are the places that make this side of the USA particularly worth seeing. But the west coast also has a lot to offer. First and foremost, of course, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle or San Francisco. All these cities have an extraordinary flair and are worth a vacation.

A Very Special Kind of City Trip

A great West Coast itinerary is a city trip to the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Since these three cities are very close to each other, they can be optimally connected with each other. You can also see the magnificent Grand Canyon – a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. From Hollywood to the city of dreams to the city of sins. There is a lot to experience on this trip while enjoying the diverse ambience of the west coast. You can find plenty of information about a holiday on the west coast, helpful tips for road trips and travel reports.

Portland and Seattle – Unique in the North

Portland is a beautiful city on the west coast. It is located in nature with a wonderful view of Mount Hood. Portland is characterized by beautifully landscaped parks and recreational areas, such as the extraordinary Japanese Garden or the famous Rose Garden. Seattle is also a very special city with some beautiful sights. The landmark of the city is the Space Needle, a 180-meter high observation and restaurant tower from which one has an amazing view of the nearby mountain ranges. Since the long bay of Puget Sound runs through Seattle, a ferry runs through the city. Seattle is one of the most popular cities in the USA.

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